Grid Lock Tile 300mm x 300mm $4.95 each


The Grid Lock Tile is an interlocking wet area mat system which is designed to prevent the development and growth of bacteria and resists body oils and chemical. The unique design allows the water to easily drain off, providing a slip resistant, safe and dry surface which can be assembled in an area of any width, length or shape. The tiles have a built in connecting system that allows them to be easily interlocked, but strong enough not to come apart under normal conditions.

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  • Material UV-resistant 100% recyclable soft vinyl
  • Tile Size 30x30cm
  • Thickness 12mm
  • Weight 650g per tile
  • Temperature Resistance -10°C to 70°C
  • Colours Blue, Grey, Red


  • Water, soap, mild detergents
  • Hosed down


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Grey, Blue, Red