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  • UltraSan


    When it comes to any workplace or area with a lot of moisture, safety and comfort are top priorities. UltraSan mats were developed to provide a premium performance in kitchens, bars, freezers, food preparation areas, health clubs, restrooms and wash basin areas – anywhere there is a high likelihood of liquids spilling on the ground and creating a slip hazard.

    UltraSan mats are designed with large drainage holes to keep water or solid waste from building up on the mat surface, but it also has cross ventilating channels on the back to reduce moisture build-up below the mat. To improve stability on hard surfaces, UltraSan has unique suction discs on the back.

    The cushioned construction helps reduce foot, ankle, leg and back fatigue where employees or visitors stand for long periods of time. The rubber is oil, solvent and grease resistant, while providing anti-microbial properties.

    The mats may be joined to make one larger mat or runner (joiners additional, please contact us for pricing)

    not rated $199.00
  • Coir Matting

    Coir Matting

    Coir Matting is made from 100% coconut husks, making it a great mat to use to remove dirt and mud from shoes. The pile is bonded to PVC making the mat very durable and are perfect for mat wells as they are able to withstand heavy foot traffic. Custom size available POA

    not rated $30.00$600.00
  • Grid Lock Tile - Red
    Grid Lock Tile Rear

    Grid Lock Tile 300mm x 300mm $4.95 each

    The Grid Lock Tile is an interlocking wet area mat system which is designed to prevent the development and growth of bacteria and resists body oils and chemical. The unique design allows the water to easily drain off, providing a slip resistant, safe and dry surface which can be assembled in an area of any width, length or shape. The tiles have a built in connecting system that allows them to be easily interlocked, but strong enough not to come apart under normal conditions.

    not rated $4.95
  • Power Pod - Blue Yellow


    Powerpod matting is a tough, long wearing and economical product that replaces the need for many different mats. The mats are extremely lightweight, impervious to oils, acids, chlorine and solvents and non-conductive, helping prevent electrical hazards. The buoyant surface assists in relieving fatigue and helps prevent glass breakage. Custom size POA

    not rated
  • Sale!

    Yoga Floor Mat Clearance Purple only $7.00

    The yoga mat has been designed to provide the ultimate grip and cushion, while staying flat while you exercise.

    Made from 5mm thick 100% PVC foam, these mats are both comfortable and durable and are suitable on all floor types, both indoors and outdoors. They are soft enough for comfort, but without being ineffective.

    not rated $15.00 $7.00
  • Vyna Grip


    Vynagrip is manufactured from grid-welded PVC and its extremely hard wearing deeply cut tread assists in reducing fatigue while allowing dirt, debris and liquid spillage to fall through or drain away. The mat is easy to cut to shape and the slip resistant tread contours to uneven floor surfaces, assisting in reducing the risk of an accident. Made from 100% recyclable food grade materials, the matting is chemical and oil resistant, easy to clean and maintenance free.

    not rated
  • Kex Comfort

    Kex Comfort

    The Kex Comfort anti-fatigue rubber mat is the first mat of it’s kind – an anti-fatigue mat specifically designed for the laundry industry.

    Manufactured from premium quality nitrile rubber, water resistant, resilient to impact and easily cleaned.

    not rated $80.55$351.60
  • Power Pod Big Block
    Power Pod Big Block Rear

    PowerPod Big-Block

    The Powerpod big-block is one of the lightest and toughest anti-fatigue mats on the market. It is hard wearing and easily moved. The mat is impervious to oil, acids. Chlorine and solvents and can be hosed down. The non-conductive material helps to prevent electrical hazards and the bevelled edge assists in preventing tripping hazards.

    not rated $117.00
  • Super Dome Black and Yellow Border


    The uniquely designed suction cups of the Super-Dome offer good slip resistance, facilitate the ease of turning, twisting and movement and hold the mat firmly to the floor. The highly visible, colour fast, yellow ramps have been designed to minimise tripping hazards. The natural rubber compound provides excellent insulation from heat or cold and ensures quick drying and prevents bacterial and fungal growth.

    not rated $82.50$159.50
  • Klean Thru Plus

    Kleen-Thru Plus

    The Kleen-thru plus is a versatile mat that features an antimicrobial agent that does not rub off or stain, which inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi, making it a perfect mat for areas where wet floors are a possibility. The closed-cell sponge rubber construction assists in easing fatigue with specifically placed drainage holes to allow moisture and contaminants to pass.

    not rated $164.95$269.50
  • Ortho Mat

    The antimicrobial properties in the Ortho Mat assist in preventing mould, mildew and bacterial growth and is impervious to acids, chemicals, oils and petroleum products. The closed cell feature eliminates the absorption of liquids, fluids and airborne pathogens.

    The Ortho Mat is complete with safety bevelled edges and is non allergenic, latex and silicone free, making it suitable for operating rooms and theatres, laboratories, food preparation and industrial areas.

    The mats assist in reducing exposure to prolonged cold, heat and vibration and their ergonomic design reduces the risk of back, leg, foot and ankle fatigue.. The non-slip mats are lightweight and easy to clean and are available with or without holes.

    not rated $145.00$784.80