Their short, tight pile in the logo mat provides the perfect medium for excellent definition and design reproduction, with 42 colours to choose from, with the option of PMS colour matching available.

The high quality materials used to manufacture and the method of printing make logo mats suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Printed using dozens of colours, these photo design mats are generic high quality mats that can add colour and vibrancy to bakeries, pizzerias, grocery stores, deli/milk bar counters or food courts.

Safety message mats not only capture 80% of the dirt, dust & moisture that is tracked into buildings on employees and customers shoes, they also provide employees 24 hours a day 7 days a week with the valuable reminder of the importance of Quality & Safety, resulting in cleaner safer floors while improving the awareness of Quality & Safety in the work place.

We all know how hard it is to find space for P.O.S and Advertising!

At last a product that has been specifically designed to utilize the final frontier of advertising – “The Floor”.

Unlike other floor advertising mediums that require sticking down, then removing, leaving unsightly marks on the floor, Mat-Talk Advertising is totally flexible allowing you to pick it up, and move it around, “NO GLUE” “NO MARKS” and the freedom to reposition with the product as and when you want, ensuring the crucial link between your ad campaign and the product is maintained.

Why not make your whole exhibition different. Differentiate your area by adding customised digital graphics. We can produce brilliant, stunning life-like images on quality carpet tiles for high exposure of your brand(s).

Perfect for Exhibition Trade Shows, Showrooms, Receptions, Casinos, Retail Stores, Holiday Resorts, and Hospitality.

The Welcome Mat is designed to make a great first impression, while absorbing moisture and trapping debris, providing a safer and cleaner environment. The 100% non-slip Nitrile backing ensures the mat stays flat and in place to prevent trips.