All Dirt Stop mats come with a 10 year guarantee and are suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

The Welcome Mat is designed to make a great first impression, while absorbing moisture and trapping debris, providing a safer and cleaner environment. The 100% non-slip Nitrile backing ensures the mat stays flat and in place to prevent trips.

Bamboo floor mats are more durable than a plastic mat and can be used on both carpeted and hard floors with the felt backing helps keep the mat in place.

The mats are available two colours and two sizes with the optional tongue in both sizes.

Gel-Pro mats were created with one goal in mind: To make the time you spend standing in your home, office, work station etc more comfortable. Everyone knows how painful it can be to stand for any length of time on hard flooring – whether you’re cooking, getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror or at work standing it can result in lower back pain, heel pain, and overall fatigue.

The mat has a gel core that contours to your feet, providing extra support and cushion when standing for an extended period of time. The Gel-Pro mat is covered by a durable, anti-slip material that is mould and mildew resistant.