The Absorbent Scraper Premier Mat is suitable wherever tracking is a problem – in high traffic areas, inside and outside entrances, lobbies and reception areas, service counters, snack bars, or passages between factory and office. The mats feature a solution-dyed polypropylene fabric that dries quickly and resists fading and deterioration, while the nitrile rubber backing resists breakdown from most grease and petroleum products.

The Heavy Duty Scraper mat is ideal for areas requiring ultimate debris removal.

Manufactured specifically for heavy duty and outdoor applications, acting as a tough first line of defence in all weather conditions. The unique textile provides a stiff scraping action to capture the heavy dirt particles which the deep pile traps and conceals.

Coir Matting is made from 100% coconut husks, making it a great mat to use to remove dirt and mud from shoes. The pile is bonded to PVC making the mat very durable and are perfect for mat wells as they are able to withstand heavy foot traffic.

The Welcome Mat is designed to make a great first impression, while absorbing moisture and trapping debris, providing a safer and cleaner environment. The 100% non-slip Nitrile backing ensures the mat stays flat and in place to prevent trips.

Cero Mats are designed to provide the perfect balance between dirt pick-up and moisture absorption.

Cero textile consists of alternating rows of solution dyed nylon fibre and monofilament polyamide fibres. The end result is a rich and unique design that simulates installed aluminium matting systems with the flexibility of a loose laid mat.

Constructed of 100% Nitrile rubber for oil and chemical resistance, the Kleen-Scrape mat is the ‘work-horse’ of the range. The mat is ideal for environments where traction is essential in areas such as kitchens, locker rooms, behind bars, production areas and outside entrances.

The standard solution dyed mat features solution-dyed nylon which resists fading and bleaching. The crush-resistant pile traps dirt and extends the performance life of the mat. The mat features a nitrile rubber backing which is oil, grease and skid resistant.