A stylish and soft Anti-Fatigue floor mat, each ergonomic mat is constructed with an ultra-soft, shock-absorbing polyurethane foam core to provide maximum comfort . These mats feature a high-traction bottom surface with a designer top surface made of synthetic leather.

The Powerpod big-block is one of the lightest and toughest anti-fatigue mats on the market. It is hard wearing and easily moved. The mat is impervious to oil, acids. Chlorine and solvents and can be hosed down. The non-conductive material helps to prevent electrical hazards and the bevelled edge assists in preventing tripping hazards.

The Kex Comfort anti-fatigue rubber mat is the first mat of it’s kind – an anti-fatigue mat specifically designed for the laundry industry. Manufactured from premium quality nitrile rubber, water resistant, resilient to impact and easily cleaned.

The antimicrobial properties in the Ortho Mat assist in preventing mould, mildew and bacterial growth and is impervious to acids, chemicals, oils and petroleum products. The closed cell feature eliminates the absorption of liquids, fluids and airborne pathogens. The Ortho Mat is complete with safety bevelled edges and is non allergenic, latex and silicone free, making it suitable for operating rooms and theatres, laboratories, food preparation and industrial areas. 

Durable Anti fatigue matting is easy to maintain in heavy use areas with easy to clean Diamond Plate or Round-rib surface pattern. This hardened vinyl surface is resilient to hard use in almost all environments, yet being flexible enough to add to the overall comfort of the mat.

Economy Anti fatigue matting is easy an economical solution for medium use areas where long runs of anti-fatigue matting are required for relieving workers in stand-up operations. The Diamond Plate, Ribbed or Bark surface patterns provide non-slip benefits in addition to reducing floor hardness by up to 50%.

The uniquely designed suction cups of the Super-Dome offer good slip resistance, facilitate the ease of turning, twisting and movement and hold the mat firmly to the floor. The highly visible, colour fast, yellow ramps have been designed to minimise tripping hazards. The natural rubber compound provides excellent insulation from heat or cold and ensures quick drying and prevents bacterial and fungal growth.